Nature Conservancy’s Fire Trail
Dawley Pond Shelter
Purgatory chasm
Few days with some stuff in between.
Seek the Peak
New Year, New Summer and LOTS of changes.

Dawley Pond Shelter

ArtDawley¬† Arthur Dawley, Leighs grandfather and Billy’s great-grandfather, was a man of the earth, an old potato farmer from Connecticut and a wonderful man. I mention him because the shelter I chose to take Leigh to for her first overnight¬† in a backpacking shelter (lean-to) was named Dawley Pond Shelter. The name is, to the best of my knowledge, a coincidence and not related but I still thought it would be nice to celebrate his memory at the same time.


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New Year, New Summer and LOTS of changes.

Life has brought about many changes over the last year and, as with the weather, some are crazy and some for the better. I am bringing this site back to life. I will be taking my time to work on the maps and such but expect more post and activity.
For now this will have to do. I am going to bring over posts from the other blog and backdate them as well as continue to add to this one. Lets see how this goes!

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