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National Trails Day!
CT DEEP and CFPA Rewards for hiking!!
Forward Progress.
Seek the peak 2016
website update
Nature Conservancy’s Fire Trail
Dawley Pond Shelter
Purgatory chasm
Few days with some stuff in between.
Seek the Peak

National Trails Day!

Every year the American Hiking Society (AHS) hosts a National Trail Day which, they hope, will drag more people off their chairs and into the woods. I think it works. I saw more people that were asking general hiking questions today than I ever do which would lead me to believe that this was a first time experience.
My favorite question today, by the way, was “We have to go up that?!”

CT DEEP and CFPA Rewards for hiking!!

So who doesn’t like awards and prizes?!!? I do for sure. I am about to start gathering the needed parts to get my bits that say, you’re a super hiker!
Connecticut’s Department of Environmental and Energy Protection (DEEP), Connecticut Forests and Parks Association (CFPA), Madison Land Conservation and Trust, The Sleeping Giant Park Association (SGPA), The Burlington Land Trust, Steep Rock Association, and The Western Connecticut Council of Governments(WCCG) have all started programs to get people on the trails and you can get patches and trinkets to signify their successful challenge completion.
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Forward Progress.

In an effort to catalogue the opportunities that Connecticut presents to commune with nature I am hoping to create a record of the backing shelters and campsites that are provided by CT DEEP (as well as every trail in the state).
My father and I went out last Friday to find the Legend wood shelter for a much needed break from a trying afternoon (for me).
We grabbed sandwiches from a Delia’s, a local grinder shop, I brought my stove and headed off to Pachaug to record the last of the shelters in that area and have sandwiches and tea.

  • Legend Wood Shelter on approach
  • Steven Hedler Plaque
  • Legend Wood Fire Pit
  • Legend Wood Shelter
  • Dad and I for tea at the Legend Wood Shelter
  • Dad at the Legend Wood shelter
  • Prank outlet at the Legend Wood Shelter
  • Dad sleeping on the edge
  • Dad sitting on the edge
  • Dad at the bottom of the ridge
  • Wyassup lake view from the nearby ridge

Seek the peak 2016

I am sad to say that I never posted the pictures from Seek the peak 2016 but I will make that all better today (04/08/2017)


  • All of us getting ready to head up the mountain
  • Dad Almost there
  • Base camp
  • Cora Dinner
  • Momma Moose
  • Leigh Lounge Camp
  • Cora Lounge Camp
  • Dad Dinner
  • View down Tuckermans
  • Cora Won something
  • Leigh and Cora Trail up
  • We made the top Cora Pop
  • Leigh Hermit Lake
  • Three at top
  • Hamburgers Basecamp
  • Fire Camp
  • Dad and I hermit lake
  • Basecamp
  • Leigh Almost there
  • up tuckermans from heremit lake
  • Leigh Dinner
  • Cascade Falls
  • Cora Hermit lake
  • Cora Almost there
  • Rack Cooking Fire
  • Cora on the steps
  • momma and baby moose

Dawley Pond Shelter

ArtDawley¬† Arthur Dawley, Leighs grandfather and Billy’s great-grandfather, was a man of the earth, an old potato farmer from Connecticut and a wonderful man. I mention him because the shelter I chose to take Leigh to for her first overnight¬† in a backpacking shelter (lean-to) was named Dawley Pond Shelter. The name is, to the best of my knowledge, a coincidence and not related but I still thought it would be nice to celebrate his memory at the same time.


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