General Lyons Shelter (Lean-to)
Dawley Pond Shelter (Lean-to)
Peg Mill Shelter (Lean-to)
Dry Reservoir Shelter (Lean-to)
Legend Wood Shelter (Lean-to)
Forward Progress.
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General Lyons Shelter (Lean-to)

Settled about 1/10 of a mile from the parking area for General Lyons historic site. This shelter has access to water from a running brook close to the shelter or a well pump in the historic site. There is a fire ring which should be used with caution as to the dry grasses and under brush close by. The shelter is in good repair and has a picnic table available.


Dawley Pond Shelter (Lean-to)

This shelter is located on the Pachaug Trail at Great Meadow Brook Pond. This shelters seems to be heavily visited by locals and was not in the best repair when we stayed there. The site was littered but was easy to clean up.
The view and sound, being next to the pond, were fantastic. I don’t know if there are many camping spots that rival it. Remember to bring your bug spray!
The pond should provide a year round water source but as always be sure to boil or filter your collected water.


Peg Mill Shelter (Lean-to)

Of those in Pachaug, this shelter is nice in the rain! Equipped with a tin roof and plenty of head room, this is a nice shelter. I didn’t get many pictures but there is a nice fire ring and tools like a bow saw and a grill that can go over the fire. Located on the Narragansett Trail between Green Falls and the Rhode Island border.
There is a nearby running stream that can provide water nearly, if not all year round. Remember to filter or boil your water even though it is moving.


Dry Reservoir Shelter (Lean-to)

Not far from the Nehantic Trail and the Pachaug Trail split, lies the Dry Reservoir shelter. The Dry Reservoir shelter is short in comparison to the other shelters in the area, with no actual standing room. The shelter is wide enough to accommodate several people, more if you don’t mind getting cozy.
Well equipped with a saw and fire grate, the shelter has an ample fire pit and plenty of seating.
There is a running stream nearby that may dry up during the summer. Remember to boil and or filter your water.

Legend Wood Shelter (Lean-to)

My father and I went out to Wyassup Lake specifically to walk the Narraganset Trail to find the Legend Wood Shelter. This shelter is clean and in good repair. The fire ring will accommodate  a small fire comfortably. The fall provides excellent views and the nearby ledge is a great place to sit and have lunch. Nestled off of the trail a bit, it is peaceful while not being too far from the road (about 3/4 miles as the crow flies).
There is a pond nearby that should provide water year round. Remember to boil and or filter your water.

Forward Progress.

In an effort to catalogue the opportunities that Connecticut presents to commune with nature I am hoping to create a record of the backing shelters and campsites that are provided by CT DEEP (as well as every trail in the state).
My father and I went out last Friday to find the Legend wood shelter for a much needed break from a trying afternoon (for me).
We grabbed sandwiches from a Delia’s, a local grinder shop, I brought my stove and headed off to Pachaug to record the last of the shelters in that area and have sandwiches and tea.

  • Legend Wood Shelter on approach
  • Steven Hedler Plaque
  • Legend Wood Fire Pit
  • Legend Wood Shelter
  • Dad and I for tea at the Legend Wood Shelter
  • Dad at the Legend Wood shelter
  • Prank outlet at the Legend Wood Shelter
  • Dad sleeping on the edge
  • Dad sitting on the edge
  • Dad at the bottom of the ridge
  • Wyassup lake view from the nearby ridge

Lyme Prevention, Do it!

The season has started. We are out and about and moving in the places where nature brings us. With the closer we get to nature we get, we need to consider the smaller hassles that can cause real problems.
Ticks are one such problem. I work in places that keep me along roadsides and such. it is April 08th, 2017 as I am writing this and I have already pulled 8 ticks off of me while working.
What to do, what to do??!!?! I love being outside and refuse to stop. Preventive measures and mitigation start with knowledge.
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Seek the peak 2016

I am sad to say that I never posted the pictures from Seek the peak 2016 but I will make that all better today (04/08/2017)


  • Cora Almost there
  • Cora on the steps
  • Basecamp
  • All of us getting ready to head up the mountain
  • Cascade Falls
  • Fire Camp
  • momma and baby moose
  • Hamburgers Basecamp
  • Leigh and Cora Trail up
  • Cora Won something
  • Base camp
  • We made the top Cora Pop
  • up tuckermans from heremit lake
  • Dad and I hermit lake
  • Leigh Almost there
  • Cora Dinner
  • Leigh Dinner
  • Three at top
  • Rack Cooking Fire
  • Momma Moose
  • View down Tuckermans
  • Dad Dinner
  • Cora Lounge Camp
  • Leigh Lounge Camp
  • Leigh Hermit Lake
  • Dad Almost there
  • Cora Hermit lake

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