Peg Mill Shelter (Lean-to)

Of those in Pachaug, this shelter is nice in the rain! Equipped with a tin roof and plenty of head room, this is a nice shelter. I didn’t get many pictures but there is a nice fire ring and tools like a bow saw and a grill that can go over the fire. Located on the Narragansett Trail between Green Falls and the Rhode Island border.
There is a nearby running stream that can provide water nearly, if not all year round. Remember to filter or boil your water even though it is moving.

GPSR coordinates are degrees minutes seconds.
Coordinates: N 41° 32′ 00.0″ W 71° 48′ 06.5″

Deep provided map

Length of stay: 1 day
Requirements: Reservation made with Deep 2 weeks in advance.
Forms: PDF and Word .doc

Fire Allowed in Rings Shelter Provided Shelter Provided
No Pets allowed in the backpacking campsites Use insect repellent Hunting in the area Watch for snakes
  • Peg Mill Shelter
  • Peg Mill Shelter
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