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Self reliance skills
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Lyme Prevention, Do it!

Self reliance skills

I have taken some time recently for researching and to bring my daughter up on self reliance skills, how too’s and whatnot. Can you build a fire with your surroundings or a firesteel?

Cora Trimming Fatwood

Cora Trimming Fatwood

Cora and I have been working on gathering and using different fire starting methods to bolster our self reliance in the event that we get stuck somewhere.
Fatwood, lighterwood, or whatever you call it regionally, is resin impregnated wood found in pine hearts, or downed stumps.
We played with fatwood this weekend! Cora used fatwood and a striker to start the fire for my birthday gathering and she did a good job doing so with minor coaching. I should mention that it had rained for 3 days and everything she is working with is wet or green.

She was there for everything from finding the fatwood to processing it, right to the actual fire itself! Very proud, the girl has some stick-to-it ethics!

Lyme Prevention, Do it!

The season has started. We are out and about and moving in the places where nature brings us. With the closer we get to nature we get, we need to consider the smaller hassles that can cause real problems.
Ticks are one such problem. I work in places that keep me along roadsides and such. it is April 08th, 2017 as I am writing this and I have already pulled 8 ticks off of me while working.
What to do, what to do??!!?! I love being outside and refuse to stop. Preventive measures and mitigation start with knowledge.
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