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My name is Gary Metz and I am a renewed hiker.
For years I hiked, climbed, caved and backpacked. I rode a quad, fished, went offroading in my Jeep and rode a motorcycle. I did whatever it took to be outside.
Life happened and took me away from a lot of that. I still went camping but in a big tent in the state forests and since gave away all of my gear for backpacking.
Last year my father and I climbed Mount Washington and it renewed this fire in me to be outside. I want to backpack again.
My absence from backpacking for so long leaves me as, what I consider, a novice hiker with more than some knowledge and less than that of a seasoned backpacker

I am from a time when external frames and peak 1 stoves were the thing, where you needed a 5500ci pack to carry your gear for a week trip.

I am going to modernize and this blog will be my account of that.

For work, I am a laborer with a local municipality.
This is what I do.
This is my office.

I love every second of it.

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