Map page getting better!!

I am working on the Trail Map page and now you can measure!! The deal with this is that you can measure to make your own trip! Pretty simple it sounds right?

The hitch, so far, is that you can’t click on (add a track directly to) the trails. You can, however, drag the track over the trail!

Clicking and dragging the line creates another point in the middle of the track and allows you to shape the track to, nearly, an exact trace of the trail.

What does this mean?? You can plan your own trip by connecting trails or determine how far you are from a trail head, plan breaks or rest periods based on geographic location and distance. Couple this with the Hiking Calculator and you have a good bit of tools to plan your trip!
This has taken me some time to figure out. I will be working on making it better for us all!

So, how to??? Right Click on the map (at the point you want to start your tract) and select “Measure Distance”

Left Click and make some points.

Drag the track to line up with the trail/s you want to follow.

To clear the track, left click a point to delete it or clear the whole track by right clicking and select “Clear Measurement”

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