Forward Progress.

In an effort to catalogue the opportunities that Connecticut presents to commune with nature I am hoping to create a record of the backing shelters and campsites that are provided by CT DEEP (as well as every trail in the state).
My father and I went out last Friday to find the Legend wood shelter for a much needed break from a trying afternoon (for me).
We grabbed sandwiches from a Delia’s, a local grinder shop, I brought my stove and headed off to Pachaug to record the last of the shelters in that area and have sandwiches and tea.

  • Legend Wood Shelter on approach
  • Steven Hedler Plaque
  • Legend Wood Fire Pit
  • Legend Wood Shelter
  • Dad and I for tea at the Legend Wood Shelter
  • Dad at the Legend Wood shelter
  • Prank outlet at the Legend Wood Shelter
  • Dad sleeping on the edge
  • Dad sitting on the edge
  • Dad at the bottom of the ridge
  • Wyassup lake view from the nearby ridge

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