Seek the peak 2016

I am sad to say that I never posted the pictures from Seek the peak 2016 but I will make that all better today (04/08/2017)


  • Cora on the steps
  • All of us getting ready to head up the mountain
  • Fire Camp
  • Hamburgers Basecamp
  • Dad and I hermit lake
  • Leigh Lounge Camp
  • View down Tuckermans
  • Momma Moose
  • Base camp
  • Basecamp
  • Cora Lounge Camp
  • Three at top
  • Leigh Almost there
  • Leigh Hermit Lake
  • Rack Cooking Fire
  • Cascade Falls
  • Cora Hermit lake
  • Dad Dinner
  • Cora Won something
  • up tuckermans from heremit lake
  • Leigh and Cora Trail up
  • Leigh Dinner
  • We made the top Cora Pop
  • momma and baby moose
  • Cora Dinner
  • Cora Almost there
  • Dad Almost there

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