Dry Reservoir Shelter (Lean-to)

Not far from the Nehantic Trail and the Pachaug Trail split, lies the Dry Reservoir shelter. The Dry Reservoir shelter is short in comparison to the other shelters in the area, with no actual standing room. The shelter is wide enough to accommodate several people, more if you don’t mind getting cozy.
Well equipped with a saw and fire grate, the shelter has an ample fire pit and plenty of seating.
There is a running stream nearby that may dry up during the summer. Remember to boil and or filter your water.

GPSR coordinates are degrees minutes seconds.
Coordinates: N 41° 35′ 26.7″ W 71° 52′ 53.0″

Deep provided Map

Length of stay: 1 day
Requirements: Reservation made with Deep 2 weeks in advance.
Forms: PDF and Word .doc

Fire Allowed in Rings Shelter Provided Shelter Provided
No Pets allowed in the backpacking campsites Use insect repellent Hunting in the area Watch for snakes
  • Dry Resevoir Shelter seating
  • Dry Reservoir Shelter side
  • Dry Reservoir Shelter Fire
  • Dry Reservoir Shelter front

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