General Lyons Shelter (Lean-to)

Settled about 1/10 of a mile from the parking area for General Lyons historic site. This shelter has access to water from a running brook close to the shelter or a well pump in the historic site. There is a fire ring which should be used with caution as to the dry grasses and under brush close by. The shelter is in good repair and has a picnic table available.

GPSR coordinates are degrees minutes seconds.
Coordinates: N 41° 50′ 51.0″ W 72° 05′ 05.5″

Deep provided Map

Length of stay: 1 day
Requirements: Reservation made with Deep 2 weeks in advance.
Forms: PDF and Word .doc

Fire Allowed in Rings Shelter Provided Shelter Provided
No Pets allowed in the backpacking campsites Use insect repellent Hunting in the area Watch for snakes
  • General Lyons Shelter approach
  • General Lyons Shelter fire ring
  • General Lyons Shelter side
  • General Lyons Shelter reservations
  • General Lyons Shelter fire ring
  • General Lyons Shelter fire ring

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