My day chasing DEEP Backpacking Camps

My day chasing around DEEP backpacking camps. You may know, or not, that I am cataloging the all of the trails in connecticut and the shelters/camping areas open to backpacking or free use.
I am moving right along with some of it and had a wonderful day outside doing just that!
Here are the pictures of today along the Nipmuck trail! I only found one tick and he died from the permethrin on my boots!!

  • Morning Tea
  • Salamander
  • Flowers
  • General Lyons Fireplace
  • Ladies Room Rock
  • Me Knowlton Brook Campsite
  • Natchaug Trail Distance Sign
  • Nipmuck Trail Arrow Sign
  • Nipmuck Trail Sign
  • Reservations
  • Pixi Falls Sign
  • Rock Lean-to Nipmuck Trail
  • Root Den
  • RT 74 Nipmuck Trail Bridge
  • RT 74 Nipmuck Trail Bridge
  • Pixie Falls
  • only one tick

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