Legend Wood Shelter (Lean-to)

My father and I went out to Wyassup Lake specifically to walk the Narraganset Trail to find the Legend Wood Shelter. This shelter is clean and in good repair. The fire ring will accommodate  a small fire comfortably. The fall provides excellent views and the nearby ledge is a great place to sit and have lunch. Nestled off of the trail a bit, it is peaceful while not being too far from the road (about 3/4 miles as the crow flies).
There is a pond nearby that should provide water year round. Remember to boil and or filter your water.

GPSR coordinates are in degrees minutes seconds.
Coordinates: N 41° 29′ 48.9″ W 71° 52′ 32.6″

Deep provided Map

Length of stay: 1 day
Requirements: Reservation made with Deep 2 weeks in advance.
Forms: PDF and Word .doc

Fire Allowed in Rings Shelter Provided Shelter Provided Fishing in the area
No Pets allowed in the backpacking campsites Use insect repellent Hunting in the area Watch for snakes


  • Legend Wood Shelter fire
  • Legend Wood Shelter front
  • Legend Wood Shelter plaque
  • Legend Wood Shelter view
  • Legend Wood Shelter approach
  • Legend Wood Shelter front

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